How to clean the woolen coat?
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Throw the woolen coat straight into the washing machine?

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Woolen overcoat looks good, but when it comes to cleaning, it makes people worried. If you are not short of money, you can send a woolen coat to the dry cleaner every time. However, each time you dry clean a woolen coat, it costs tens of yuan. You can buy another woolen coat after several times of washing.

Many young people simply throw their clothes in the washing machine to save time, no matter what material they are wearing. Woolen coat in the washing machine to wash a few times will be very serious deformation, affecting the appearance of wearing. The best way to wash wool coats is to wash them at home!

Can I wash the woolen coat with water?

Before washing, first look at the washing label on the clothes. Do not wash some materials that clearly indicate that they should not be washed by water.

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If your woolen coat can be washed, before washing it, mix it with water with a neutral Fur Laundry detergent liquid and soak it in water. Remember, don't rub or rub your wool jacket too hard, it will deform your clothes. We can gently press with our hands to remove all the dust from our clothes.

Don't hang your woolen coat to dry after hand washing, and don't use the washing machine to dry it. When a woolen coat gets wet, it weighs several times more, and if you hang it directly to dry, it will deform the garment. The best way to do this is to lay the clothes out to dry. Use washing machine to shake dry also easy to cause outer garment deformation!

How to wash the woolen coat if it is partly dirty?

If you get a dirty part of your woolen coat, we just clean the part. What if you get grease on your coat, for example?

Add clear water first fine salt, mix even, pour brine next in the position of oil be soiled, brush gently with soft bristle toothbrush, after brushing clean, wait for 10 minutes, it is ok to blot moisture with paper towel next!

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