Some common laundry mistakes
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Some common laundry mistakes

Some common laundry mistakes shared by Custom Laundry detergent liquid supplier.

1. Save your clothes and wash them together

Many users have the habit of washing clothes together for a week, and then a week. In hot weather, clothes with sweat stains are prone to bacteria and multiply. So temperature is higher when avoid by all means puts clothings to wash together.

2. Use the washing machine without cleaning it

Washing machine is used for a long time, cause bacterium very easily, serious still can make the person infects the symptom such as disease of department of gynaecology, skin disease. So in the use of washing machines, especially in hot weather, cleaning washing machines is one of the most important work.

3. Long soak can wash clothes

This is an unscientific claim, as most fabrics will hydrolyze over a long period of time, reducing the life of the garment. Generally speaking, soaking for 10-15 minutes is best.


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4. The more liquid you use, the better

Many people assume that the more liquid or custom flavor Laundry detergent powder they put in, the more clean their clothes will be. This is a misconception, because when the amount of detergent in the water reaches saturation, the extra detergent does not increase the cleaning power.

Want to use detergent efficiently and economically, must according to the water consumption when washing clothes, take with proper weight.

5. Wash all clothes at the same time

Some people have a habit of leaving their changed coats, underwear and socks in the washing machine or in a tub, which makes the clothes dirtier and prone to bacterial infections.

Worn clothing can harbor a variety of bacteria, such as undergarments that shed bacteria from the skin's surface and expel bacteria from the gut and urinary tract, such as staphylococcus and e. coli. Coats exposed to dust also contain numerous bacteria, including some powerful pathogens, such as staphylococcus aureus and streptococcus hemolyticus. According to statistics, there are 10 to 100 microorganisms per square centimeter. Even washing with detergent can only remove 80% of the bacteria, and the remaining bacteria can cause cross-infection. Accordingly, when immersing and catharsis clothings, must underwear, outer garment is apart catharsis.

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